Don’t give up

In the game of life,it is the man who perseveres to the end that wins the trophy. Have u ever been to the Olympics ground and watch the athletes run a race? You can never see anyone stop suddenly to take a break,they have to keep running till they get to the mark. No man on earth can claim success if he hasn’t put in a measure of perseverance in what he does. You have got to keep on keeping on even though the lights go off, and when there seems to be no cheerleaders around.

God stayed through when He was creating the heavens and the earth, Once He observed His job,and found out it was good,He went on and on till the last day where He rested.

If you have started on something especially on a dream,goal,or aspirations,you must make up your mind to never give up till you succeed.

Do u know that life has never given up on you,So today,look back at life with a smile and tell her Its gonna be fine,I’m gonna hit the mark,and shine forth.

Get up! and get going.