See the hand of God in everything

Oftentimes,we are quick to blame others,and our past for whatever situation we find ourselves. Remember if it happens,it’s because God allowed it,and if on the contrary,it doesn’t happen,its still God at work.You don’t always think you can control every situations of your life.

I remember some few years ago,i had taken my kids with me for shopping few kms from my home. But i never knew that what would happen next will take a dramatic toll on my life. I had a fatal car accident but my children and I were spared, it was then i knew God still has a plan over my life and family. It was really a trying period for my family,I couldn’t get the picture more clearly, why this? I cried,and blamed myself for allowing such to happen but that didn’t change anything rather,it made me drew more close to God and soon after,God made me realise He had a plan at the back of His mind for such to happen in my life. I had peace afterwards.

So today,what burden are you carrying in your heart? Loosen up to the miracle of you,whatever you cannot change,accept and move on. God’s always in Charge no matter how dark the cloud may seem. Learn to see God in any situation,now that’s BIG faith.


    1. Thanks Rekha,love your write- ups. Happy blogging too. Do expect my e- book soon

    1. Hi Eddie, been inspired by your blog lately. Do expect my e- book soon. Thanks and happy blogging too

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