Allow room for growth

Only change is constant in life. Every life’s challenges is meant to strengthen us,make us better,and more importantly, connect us back to our first love-God.

Whatever you will need to move from one level to another is growth and you cannot attain it till you go through challenges. Though tough as these challenges maybe,they are there for a purpose. As it is said, whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger, confident to stare at life at face and forge ahead despite what and in spite of.

I had a friend suzan,married for 10 years with 3 beautiful children. She would always complain to me about the pain of marriage,how her husband Dan doesn’t want her happiness. She went on to say that anytime she ask Dan for something particularly for her career,he would give all the reasons in the world why she shouldn’t be doing that.

Not only in her marriage,suzan has tried her hands on so many things just to make her happy and boost her financial purse, but all to no avail. Frustration,and disappointment is all she ever got.

I invited her for counselling and I told her that she should see every challenges of her life as an opportunity for growth. God will never land you your blessings if you aren’t mature for it,He would do everything possible to take you through the school of life for you to learn and relearn,for you to ditch old habits&patterns,and for you to be wiser to know how to navigate through life when things go wrong(as it often does).

Today,Suzan is now a media marketer,employing her media skills to earn a living. She doesn’t have to worry about Dan’s attitude or what people do to her. She is glad she went through those trying periods. She has become a happy and fulfilled woman.

Remember that,for a seed to become a tree,it has to undergo growth,and despite the challenges it has to face(unfavorable weather conditions, pests invasions,etc),still survives. God has a promise over your life and that should give you a reason to adapt to any changes around you.

Grow till you become Big!