Find happiness within

There’s no gainsaying in the fact that Real happiness can’t be gotten from another except from within. Its something you have to try to work hard on. Many times,people have often believed that their happiness is based on how they are been treated.

Truth be told Your happiness does not depend on another person. In fact quit looking out for it.

Sometimes ago,God began to show me on why I don’t need people around me to be happy. My growing up years were the hardest for me, I never had the full attention I needed as a child from my parents,they were just too busy trying to shoulder responsibilities as my parents but were never conscious of the need to be present in my life from dusk to dawn. Presents can never be compared to their Presence which I yearned for. I often felt detached.

This pattern became part of my being as I mature in age,I had become the little girl who expects people around her to love,care,and make her happy. I never expected less, If you aren’t able to meet up to my expectations,I yank you off.

So,God was trying to let me know that I have to drop this ideology and learn to look up to Him for all I need. I had suffered a lot of crushing disappointments from loved ones whom I trusted because I expected so much from them most especially, I needed them to make me happy. The more I placed this demand,the more hard knocks and push-overs I get. So frustrating you say in so much that I decided to break myself from the maddening situation. Once,I made up my mind to look within,and see how wonderfully God made me,it boosted my confidence. Next,I ensure every morning as I wake up from the bed,I tell myself that I am more than enough,I am a happy woman,and come what may, I choose to be happy. This has been a daily routine ever since and it has helped me a great deal. I do not have to be upset with my husband or people around me because they make me feel bad. The truth is the happiness I need can only be gotten from God and not until I shift my focus from people,I will keep being angry,frustrated,resentful,and disappointed. Find your happiness from within.