Turn the lights on

Have you ever tried communicating just exactly how you feel about a situation to someone, and all you get is some hurtful words as being a pseudo,or being too much of a nag.

People will always put us down with their words,some they do intentionally,some genuinely. Be that as it may,you must not allow their words to throw you off balance or perhaps cause you to lose focus.

Like the case of Job in the Bible,he couldn’t allow the sentiments of his friends to override his sense of reasoning despite the ugly situation he finds himself, instead,he was careful not to say the wrong words that would further deepen the situation he was.

God will often times put people around us sometimes to test our response to situations,and oh yes! Most of all,we fail this test because we are never sensitive. We are quick to judge people,and see them as enemies.

Lisa,my cousin shared her story with me on how she was kicked out of her unit in the business fellowship she functions at all because she was never meeting up to the demands of the unit as a graphic artiste. There was no room for second chance, ‘I was told to check somewhere else’. She said. But Lisa took it in good faith,she never uttered any word,or blame anyone for the sudden development instead,Lisa decided to turn the lights on even when it seems the people she believed in turned it off unexpectedly. Recently,she told me that while she was busy thinking of what next to do,a thought came to her mind,and that was to pick up from where life dumped her,its not the end of life afterall. she has been desirous of being an author some day,and at that moment began her writing Now,she is almost on the last page of her write-up and a reliable publisher in town is looking at publishing her works. She couldn’t be more happier and fulfilled.

Lisa never gave up.

Don’t ever settle for less,see every disappointments or turn-offs as an opportunity for re-direction.Turn the lights on Today!