My big day is here

Oh! The rain is here and lest I forget,today is June 2nd. A memorable day for me. Its my Birthday and as usual,its always a Rainy affair.

My mum had called me some few minutes past 12am to send her birthday wishes and she recounted how it rained heavily when she birthed me and how my clothes were never dry when she puts them on the line. Oh! how that sent cold chills run through my spine. Mum couldn’t be telling lies,I have been a witness too.God has never ceased to amaze me,in fact,if there had been times I doubted His supremacy, every June 2nd is always a day to get myself together and realise how Big God is,Unchanging.

I mean,The same yesterday, today,and forever.And so,today am most grateful for another year,more importantly, having to be in sound health,and mind. Its a privilege and not to be taken for granted.

Today,my sincere birthday wish is to have more fulfilled and prosperous life ahead. Also,I made a resolution to put a stop on my childish behavior of being an extremist. I am no longer a kid,and I can’t help being the person same people knew me as before. I could really be an extremist because i have a perfectionist nature.My close-knit family complains it sulks, so I quit this behaviour once and for all.

The party is going down right about now in my house,why not join in the fun and let’s celebrate together, After all, A living dog is better than a dead lion

Happy birthday to me…. Cheers!!!