Rest on dear Aunty

So today marks day 6 that I haven’t visited my blog and it’s never intentional. Life just happened unexpectedly for my extended family and we have been busy with the burial rites and obsequies. ‘Mama’ as we fondly call her has gone to be with he Lord just like that! She is a very dear aunty to me and played a major role in my upbringing while I was with my maternal grandparents. Of course,Mama has been battling with High blood pressure for years. She was never mindful of her health anyway. I remembered how her eldest son had complained about her unhealthy eating habits.

My mum,who was her younger sister would always advice her to put check on her health but she was never going to heed to her. “I am watching myself”,so she had always replied.

I have never stopped crying but life happens and death is inevitable, Most importantly,Life is a Choice,how we live it all depends on us.

Today,i chose to celebrate her life.

Mama,You know I really do love and appreciate you.

May your eternal soul rest in peace.