Fight for what you want

Life will never give you what exactly you desire out of it except you summon up the courage with a whole lot of wisdom to go after it. Whenever God gives a promise,the devil is always very swift to ensure he frustrates this promise by bringing your way people,or circumstances that will get you out of your sanity.But if you aren’t sensitive enough,you might as well shift blames on your folks,or some loved ones around you.

Few days ago,I took a labyrinthine journey into the maze of the past,how God brought opportunities into my life,and how I was quick to think it was just a coincidence,or not necessarily for me. Too many times,I had given up on dreams, and goals,and afterwards,felt a deep sense of regret and pain. Opportunities that were never regained due to my carelessness and sentiments.

Most often times,God will leave you to yourself when you need to take some radical decisions that will better your life at the long run. It isn’t that He can’t help you out,but for how long will He sit and watch you sulk in front of big opportunities and breakthroughs. While it seems as if,you are being left alone to face life all by youself,God is actually telling you To do this by yourself without minding whose ox is gored.You might as well need to damn any consequence and do the needful,for if you don’t act up,then situations won’t change and God will still be God.

Few months back,my handheld charging port became faulty. I took it for repairs and while the charging port was resolved,the media volume went off completely,and I could barely hear sounds on my handheld. So frustrated,I took i went back to the repairer,and for a week,I couldn’t use it because he told me to wait for a better offer.

I thought to myself,after a week to go back for a check while I thought of the option of taking back my handheld,I was feeling rather uneasy.A week without communication. I mean,I had important appointments,tasks,and calls to attend to on the handheld but here i am, so helpless and disappointed.I remembered i hadother options around me,some repairers 10km away from my neighbourhood and so, I took responsibility for my life. I got my handheld back with a refund and immediately drove to another repairer that same instant. A voice was trying to discourage me to hold on a bit and wait for my hubby to assist, another voice said, “Why not take this step of faith while i see the move of God,delay could be dangerous, Arise,and go after what you want”. So,I looked at the rear mirror in my car and said to myself, ‘Liz, give it a trial,don’t wait for anyone to have what you really desire,you have got to do it’ And that was it,I had my handheld repaired few minutes after,and I couldn’t thank God enough. It was a decision I had to take once and for all.

Lesson learnt: Quit the blame-games,be fearless,and resolute especially when you need to get an all important thing done. God is counting on you today. Will you sit back and watch life pass you by,or stand up and get a hold on life with its endless possibilities and opportunities? Think about it!