How strong is your support system?

Some few years down the line, I had in mind to set up a print magazine publication on relationships and family life. My business plan was a constant companion whenever am leaving for a presentation. I had called up few reliable friends doing well in their business to partner with me,while some I hired to be columnists on this big dream of mine. I felt it was easy for me to start off with friends and families while I think of hiring the Big guys in the industry when I am fully able to accommodate them.

But one thing I lacked was support from my loved ones and family. I mean,they were far from my dreams. None of them could get the picture right. It was Big. How could God give me a big dream such as this and cared less if i succeed or not. If only,I could get one person to cheer me on while I go ahead to fulfil this long desire of mine.

I recollected times when I would visit Print publication outlets in search of an opportunity for further training or perhaps as a freelancer,and while am on it,I could begin my publication with the help of the staffs who worked there. My plans were on point but there were tight conditions to be met and I was gradually losing faith and belief in myself. “If this isn’t going to work,maybe God has other plans instead.” I comforted myself.

Nonetheless,I had a beautiful friend named Ennie, she was my close pal in high school and we were so fond of each other. She is married now and works at a Faith- based Organisation in her community. Her job is very demanding and would require her travelling for major part of the year. Ennie admired my passion for wanting to be a magazine publisher.Anytime I went for a visit,she would always inquire about my passion,and we would brainstorm together. It was a motivation for me,and made me more confidence in myself. And when i felt like quitting, I always remember the encouraging words of my friend and though we are miles apart now, I can’t wait to share my success story with her at our next visit before the year runs out

Her motivation has kept me going despite life’s negative affronts,and I can say today that I am already living in the reality of my dream. The truth is I am an online publisher which is far better and easier than the print publication I was clamouring for. Time,the tested and trusted healer made it possible. Really,Dreams die hard.

You only need just one helping hand to get you to your dream land. Who are you with? If those around you aren’t motivating you enough,take a bow, while you excuse yourself from the room. Its not a big deal,and no one should get offended, You are only trying to get things done through the right people.


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