Its all part of His Plan

Ever wondered why God will decide to fix you in a relationship that gets you screwed up almost every time?.He is not expecting you to throw tantrums around or go on a vindictive campaign after each battle you lose rather,He is expecting you to trust Him to see you through.

If you understand purpose,then you will never be unperturbed about someone’s attitude towards you. No one in your life is an accident,and no situation of your life is a coincidence. God orchestrates events for a purpose and you may as well choose to have an open communication with Him today on why you have to deal with such a person in your life for as long as you breathe. Am so sure He will play out all those strings of events of your life from day one till date and in all of that, you will get to understand why somethings happen,and the need for you to surrender to His will.

Racheal,my girlfriend of 7 years has always complained about her marriage to Bob.She is blessed with four children,and had never been happy seeing how things had turned out in her marriage in the past 4 years.With no job presently,Bob would have to bear all the burden of the family.The bills are very high and it has been a struggle to meet up with living a comfortable life.She wondered how she got herself enmeshed in the unpleasant scenario and wished for a jail-break day in day out. One day while she was in the bath tub,she found herself talking back to an inner voice on why she do not have to keep on being angry and frustrated at Bob but rather see the Children God gave them as an assignment for her life in that marriage. “Its a privilege you know.” The voice continued. “You are in this marriage for such a Purpose.Besides,your marriage is meant to be a covering for you, and anything done outside it becomes a risk.” So quit being the lamenting wife and begin to live positively. That was all Racheal needed at such a trying moment in her life. She knew she had been unfair to Bob and the children with her negative attitude. “A new leaf is all I need, ” She said to herself.

Since then,Racheal has been a happy,and contented woman. The last time I saw her at the mall in town, she was looking more radiant,and cheerful. She now understands Purpose better.

You have got to be able to see things or life’s event through God’s eye. God will never come down to help you,All you have to do is to make it an habit to seek His face at all times while you keep your communication lines open to the Holy spirit.


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