Forget the stereotypes

Gender wars is playing out at a couple’s home right now or near you if you must know.Statements such as “He should help with the kids.” “She’s been home all day,she should mop the house”. ” He is too domineering,” “She should submit” takes the center stage and the tussle for equality of power can be just behind the door.

But in reality,you and your spouse have a long list of how you think the other person should behave. Your lists are influenced by how you think of gender roles. Gender ideas stems from our culture, family,and experience s with men and women.

For instance when a man insist on submission from his wife because of his position as the head while the woman insist that she needs to be a boss in her own right too. What then is the problem of submission? It is gender roles and expectations. The attitudes of couples can be traced to their upbringing. Here,the man is brought up by a domineering father while the woman is brought up by a mother who is dependent, determined,and smart. The marital problem here is not about who wants to be the boss. The bigger issue is the way the man tries to control the wife and overpower the relationship.

Biblical submission is not about brain-dead under the power and control of a husband or wife. The man needs the woman’s input- It would greatly relieve the pressure on him caused by having to make all the decisions alone.

It is often argued that because a woman was made as an helper,she was designed to be subordinate to man. But Bible scholars tells us that the Hebrew word for Helper ,ezer does not mean second class or inferior. It means suitable for him or corresponding to him which implies equality.

Let there be love without conditions,now that’s what Godly love is all about. Love regardless or inspite

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