There’s no such thing as Mistake before God

God will not ask you about those who screwed you up, but rather how you responded to them. Your response to life challenges will determine how far you will go in life.

So,if you think you made a mistake in your choice of man or woman. What about that? There’s no such thing as Mistake in God. And if you have become bitter and regretful for your choice,how long will that continue.When Abraham mada a mistake with Hagar,life didn’t come to a halt for him instead,God still accomplished His plans in his life through his mistakes. Confront your fears and worry with this question.”Dear God,If I have made a mistake in my choices,do you still have plans for my life anyway?” Be rest assured that God always have a plan B no matter what. After the mistake of Ishmael,He gave Abraham Isaac. It is intentional. God was aware Abraham was going to slip, but He allowed it. Does that allay your fears now? What you do with what’s left of your life is all that matters to God. If you continue to sulk all day,your life may remain stuck. You must be able to see situations through the eyes of God and believe that no matter what,you can still live a fulfilled life.

You don’t have to be full of bitterness and regrets. Don’t let the devil continue to tell you lies that you can never achieve anything good because of the choice you had made. If it wasn’t going to bring something worthwhile out of your life,God will never allow it. He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

Go ahead! Be all you want to be inspite of anything. You have to be convinced enough that God is right here with you and He’s part of your life’s journey.

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