Stop the Comparisms

No two journeys in life are the same. We may embark on the same transport line,even alight at the same destination but the purpose on our minds are different. Why then do you start the comparisms? Why do you see the need to talk about how life is running smooth for your neighbour while you think yours isn’t going well. If you can take a time or two to really look at where God has brought you from,you will understand that you have no reason to be bothered about your how well things are moving on with your neighbour.When you start to think that your life hasn’t improved that much,Remember that,it was worse than now. Everyone of us is on a journey,and each day we are progressing even though it may not seem like it. Be grateful for any position you find yourself. You may have thought it was by your effort you found yourself where you are right now, but really,the hand of God has been the one this while leading you. I have learnt in life to be contented just about with anything and I have been deliberate about teaching my kids the same. When you are contented with what you have,you will not have to really care about the new car your neighbour just bought,or the new house they just moved into. Appreciate the good things around you but not to the extent of feeling that God hasn’t been fair to you.

He has been good to me,and to you. If I have to take a journey to where I was years back,I mean,I cannot help but to thank God He brought me this far. Life has dealt me so many blows as young as I am.Though the thoughts oftentimes weigh me down but I have never allowed it to sink me deep because I know that everything is gonna add up someday.

Instead of worrying or comparing,why not look around and see God’s faithfulness in the littlest of thing. It matters so much to Him.

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