Celebrate your small victories

Like David A man after God’s heart. He molded the character of having a Winner’s mindset to us. For each victories he had,he celebrated it,and he was able to accomplish great feats in his lifetime because of that. When he was to confront a giant(Goliath), he remembered his past accomplishments,how he brought down a bear and a lion and this boosted his confidence morale,thus making him to see the big battle in front of him as a done deal.

It is in looking back at where God has brought us from that we are able to surmount courage to confront those challenges that life brings our way today.

If you are trusting God for a big thing in life,have you taken time to appreciate the smallest of things He has done through you? Have you thanked Him for the deliverance from the strange illness that would have taken your life few years ago? Have you honoured Him with your praises for the man or woman that you are engaged to,or the sound health your kids have been enjoying since they were babies? If you can’t Think, you cannot Thank Him.

You haven’t been promoted at your workplace since the past 10years of your hardwork,So what? How about the privilege of having a job in the first place. What do you have that has not been giving to you by God? Think you got it through your strength, then you must be kidding me? Even if you think you have the strength,where does it come from,with whose backing?

Today,take a minute to reminisce on all your achievement,you will really see that you have every reason to Celebrate the victories no matter how small or big they might be.