What lesson have you taught your Children today?

Remember the best book your children will ever read on the subject of Character is You. Your children are watching every of your moves and it is speaking volumes to them whether you like it or not. I recollected few days ago,I had seen my 6year old daughter tidied up the closets in their room and arranged their shoes in its proper place. I was so touched to my marrows and I knew indeed that she had been observing my home etiquette for awhile now and had seen how I ensured the house stays inorder. That’s was a lesson for me and also a prove that I had been doing the right thing all this while.

Be that as it may, it is very important for us as parents or caregivers to understand that parenting children is not a one-man show. Both husband and wife have a huge responsibility to train them day and night till the children become who they desire them to become. Aside that,parent should also model the character they desire in their children.For instance,we all desire that our children show respect and honour for elders and people they look up to. We must therefore endeavor to exemplify such virtue before them whenever the need arises and also communicate communication in love.

Today, my children learnt an important virtue called Contentment. “Godliness with Contentment is great gain.” (1Tim.6:6). They had requested that their father bought them new sets of toys and they never cease to trouble him whenever he returns back from work. So I called them together into their bedroom and shared with them another important virtue in life Contentment.I could remember that they were taught this virtue in their school. So I told them to explain it for me. It goes “Contentment means being satisfied with what you have.” Oh yes! “That’s correct. Now,you know what contentment means and why you have to be happy and satisfied with what you have be it little or much. You can never have enough of everything so you have got to appreciate God for the ones you have because there are people out there who do not have parents who will buy them stuffs,while some do not have food to eat more or less toys to play around with.” I concluded.

Their countenance changed immediately and they ran out of the room. I was happy and fulfilled at the long run.