His Grace is sufficient for you

Once Paul complained about his ill-health to God while he also pleaded for Him to take the torment away from his life. He said…”Three times I sought the Lord…..”(2 Cor.12:7-8)but what was the response to his innermost desire? No! I will not,says God. “My Grace is sufficient for you for in your weakness,My strength is made perfect. “(2cor.12:9)

What does this tells us? No matter how comfortable we may think we are,God will always set a reminder for us which can be a sore on our leg,a pain in our chest,or perhaps a child who is physically challenged. These life’s troubles are there to serve as a pointer to us that,no matter how we may see life,God is the Supreme One. He has the power to do all things. If He permits a pain in your life,it is because He wants you to know you need Him to take away that pain or better still,you need Him to sustain you in spite of the burden in your life.

Once,I had a pain on my shoulder, so severe that I couldn’t help but to cry to God to heal me. I had gone for check-ups and nothing has been confirmed to be wrong with me. “So how long do I have to continue living with this pain?”I asked myself. The reality here is for me to believe God for healing and if it is never going to come,then I have to surrender to His will by choosing to receive His strength in exchange of the pain am going through.To choose to see God rather than the pain. More importantly to know that,the pain serves like a C-Caution to me whenever I think that I can misbehave,letting me know that i need to slow down.

Life is too short,and submitting to His will helps us to surge through the tides of life. We have the choice today to allow God’s Grace be sufficient for us. We can never do it by ourselves except we believe God to help us.

What are you burdened with right now that you feel is gradually causing you to lose hope? Why not seek the face of God concerning it. It is likely you receive two options from God. One,to allow him take it away. Two, to surrender to Him even if He says He won’t take the burden away. He is still God anyway.