Run your race

The world we live in presently is rife with competition and almost half the population including you and I have been caught up in the competition. We want to be like The Jones’s but we have forgotten that our assignments are different. More so, the purpose for which we are living.

Wait a minute? Is your life dependent on competition? Are you most fulfilled when the luxuries of life become your drive? Your purpose for living should far outweigh the material possessions that you may strive to have. Nothing in this life can really satisfy you. As you acquire wealth,so will responsibilities have the better part of you.New levels, New Devils!

Watch it! If your life is centered on having more of the goodies of life,then you are going to be ruled by those goodies. If you don’t have them,you become displeased because you have set your mind on them.

Mind me,I am never saying that living comfortably isn’t good but allowing the luxuries of life to drive you is what is not good. Even if you have to acquire possessions,it should be borne out of purpose and not out of emotion. You will have to balance it.

Quit living life to impress rather live according to how God deals with you. No one is interested in what you have in your possession, as each and everyone has got one thing or another to deal with in their lives. Those you think you are actually impressing aren’t looking at your side anyway.

The truth is,Be contented with what you have and where you are.

Be happy and pleased with how God is dealing with you after all,He is in charge of your life so He dictates the pace. Keep your eyes fixed on Him and not on what is happening around you. Be driven by Purpose and not luxuries of life. All will fade away,but only your purpose in life will stand through the end.

What is really driving you? Think about it!