The Beginning of God

God is supreme and this is wholly true in that whatever He wishes to accomplish here on earth or in the life of anyone,He will ultimately do and nothing or no one can stop Him.

Be assured today that if God has a promise over your life,He will surely accomplish it. It doesn’t matter how rough the road maybe or how turbulent the storms over your life may seem. The truth here is that,whatever challenges God brings your way isn’t meant to kill you but strengthen and make you bolder and confident for the life ahead.

I have realised during the few years of my living that,God oftentimes permits the people in our lives to push us harder to the wall leaving us oftentimes to the point of hopelessness. These people are there to help God accomplish His bid for our lives. And it is those we truly love or depend upon that God uses to accomplish His will. He will have to shake us to the point of utter discomfort in order for us to come to a state of total surrendering to His Will and not to Man’s choice. But be it as it may,if you don’t get to be pushed over,kicked in the butt ,and screwed up,you may never know that you need God for the next phase of your life. God wants to get you to the land of promise He intended for you,but how can He if He sees that you are still dependent on man,or too comfortable with your zone. He will do all He can to get you out of the zone so that you can realise how empty you are without Him.

If you are that person who is still hanging on to the pains of yesterday,or to the misgivings of the past,you are denying yourself of the true riches of God has in his offing for your life.Not until you let go of what life has to offer and cling to only what God has to give,you may never be fulfilled in life and you are really shortchanging yourself anyway.

Life is cruel as most people say,but the people in it are. If you can make up your mind to stay true on God no matter what,you will never be put to shame. Loving God and loosening up yourself before Him is what He desires of you today. Let your mind not be troubled over what someone is doing or have done to you. God is involved in your life’s issues and He longs for your attention;for you to see Him in all of the challenges you may be going through. He alone can fill up the empty spaces in your life.

It is when you have come to the end of yourself,that you can truly see the Beginning of God.