Loving inspite

Staying true to loving the person in our lives can be challenging especially when the love shown is not been reciprocated back.

The question is,will you still love and keep on loving in spite of the muds been thrown at you? Or perhaps Will you still choose to fight the battle of love while hoping to win or give up and look somewhere else? The answer lies in the fact that love is worth fighting for especially when it is that one person who means so much to you.If you have been the one pouring out or filling the blank spaces in your relationship and it is somehow driving you fast and nuts round the bend,never you decide to vent your frustrations to sudden on your loved one. Remember that It takes two to tango and that you must make up your mind to extricate any pent up feelings you have while choosing to let go of the hurts anyway.

Most of us would always prefer to sit and watch things play out themselves not minding what is happening in the other person’s life. Love is a two-way traffic and no one person is allowed to dominate but rather allow room for exploits from the person in their lives.

I have had friends who lament about the misgivings in their relationships or marriages and wished they never gave in at the first instance. But I often tell them that,no two relationship is the same,and no matter how smooth a relationship may look on the outside,there’s always a rough side and each one of us is left to deal with this rough side as a matter of choice. So never ever think that you made a mistake in choosing the person in your life.One truth you have got to tell yourself is that Am I going to face the reality starring at my face or choose to feign normalcy where none existed.

Inspite of the challenges you may face in your relationships,if it is worth fighting for,then do. You have got to enjoy everything God brings your way and not see them as accidents or mistakes.

Love Inspite… That’s the way to go