Hand God the baton

I will be still and know you are God…

This is a very inspiring line for me at anytime am at a crossroad or going overboard.

Life can be very cruel and uncertain. There are so many questions that are left unanswered till date and I wonder why.

God expects us to always surrender life’s battles to Him. Surrendering is not an act of cowardice or a position of defeat rather it is an act of acknowledging His supremacy and His will over our choices no matter how good or right it may seem.

If we are to face life squarely by ourselves to conquer at every point, then we would have succeeded in leaving God out of the picture and no one can ever claim victory if God has not been on their side.

It is important to note that not all battles in life are meant to be confronted alone. Like the case of David when He was about confronting his enemies,he sought the face of God and God told him to go because He has already handed his enemies over.(c.f 1 Sam.30:8-20)In another instance,when David sought the Lord’s face for victory in the battle he was about confronting with ,The Lord told him he was going to lose out if he was not careful.(c.f 1 sam.23:10-13)That is to say, God was telling David that you cannot continue to hope that every battle is yours to win; You have to come to the truth of inquiring first before acting out lest you go into a battle and lose out because God was not in support.

You may need to tread carefully when life’s issues throw you off balance almost requiring you to throw caution to the winds and engage in a fight. How many battles do you hope to win?And will you go on a vindictive mission if at all you lose? Life’s victory does not always go to the strong or the mighty but rather to those who have made up their mind to leave the baton of life for God to handle knowing fully well that looking up and inquiring from Him will go along way to guarantee your victory.

Will you hand God the baton today and watch Him fight for you?