Focus on being Happy

It is very easy to focus on the lapses of your partner than making a resolve to overlook them Inspite. The urge to be seen as the macho man or the superwoman is reflected on the outward demeanour as each battles for space to be seen or heard as the case may be. To really enjoy your partner,you must be ready to sacrifice your ego at the altar of submission. There is always a guiding principle for relationships and that is …To love your spouse as yourself. But before that,you must love yourself first. See yourself as a wonderful masterpiece ,redeemed,and blessed by God. Once you are able to do this,it becomes easy to focus on loving your spouse all the way.Then you must learn to see the other partner as God sees him/her.

The decision to love your spouse holds tremendous potential. Learning the primary love language makes that potential a reality. To love is to learn and to learn is to love.

Focus-driven people see the best of things and constantly focus on that thing. Nothing else matters. It is a choice and a deliberate activity which is backed up by intense passion to love anyways rather than to complain and condemn. It thrives when both parties learn to make decisions without destroying their unity.

When you focus on being truly happy and fulfilled in your marriage,eternal peace becomes a co-habiter with you and your partner can easily read the writing on the wall. This is interesting to me.

Remember what the law of attraction says- what you focus or dwell on for a long time comes to you.So you have got to be careful on what you focus on. If you are the type of who dwell so much on the wrongs of your partner,you may never really be happy and you will end up being resentful, hysterical ,and displeased at everything. Even when the good sides are obvious,you are so blinded to it because you have chosen to lock yourself up in Unforgiveness and this cripples love. No matter what you may have gone through in the hands of your partner,it cannot be compared to what God has in store for you.

What really are you focusing on in your relationship or marriage? Is it on the emotional or psychological blows you receive daily from your partner or being truly happy and pleased with yourself In spite if the challenges that you see?