How healthy are your relationships with Men?

When a man does not feel good about himself,He will become less loving to his spouse.A man’s self-worth comes from his sense of competence. If he feels he is not doing a good job in any area of his life,it becomes very difficult for him to be loving towards himself or the woman in his life. And more importantly,When a woman emphasizes a man’s competence by treating him like a child,there is a guarantee that he will be inhibited in his ability to love that woman.The flip side is that the more incompetent your man appears to you,the more turned off to him you will become. Women are turned on by competence. So the more inept he seems,the less attractive he will be to you.

Mothering a man makes him treat you like his mother. But no man wants to sleep with his mother uhn! The sexual taboo against feeling attracted to a female with mothering energy is so deeply rooted in most men that it will be impossible for your partner to continue to see you in an erotic,romantic way when you are constantly reminding him to do his responsibilities,and otherwise,treating him like your son.

This mistake made by women is the number one primary causes for the lack of a satisfying sex life in many marriages. Being together for years,having financial pressures,bringing up a family- these all contribute to the tension that can inhibit passion. But none of them are as destructive as the transformation of the husband and wife into a mother and her son.

You have got to let your man be The Man. I mean,stop doing things that he should be doing for himself. Don’t give in to the temptation of rescuing him all the time. A man needs to feel he is in charge and not other wise. If you are that woman who always become a sexual cop in bed,there is the likelihood that it may turn your man off. Men don’t trip for ladies who always want to be in charge in bed; always dictating and giving directions to the man on how to make love. You must learn to allow love-making to be a smooth transition to sex.

Learn to trust your man to be who God has destined him to be and don’t become his mother overnight. You will do well to be the loving and understanding woman that will celebrate her man for who he is and not you want him to be.

Quit been too much of a controller and choose to be a submissive,and tolerant person. Your man would love you for it .