Watch what you say

“Now don’t you go getting any ideas,Tom; Don’t you get any ideas either,Terry; Don’t you too get any ideas.”

The young mother’s words to her small children echoed in my head for several days. While I realized she was probably warning them not to do something against her wishes or something that could harm them. I can’t help but wonder about the effects that a situation like that,heard over for a period of years,will have on their lives and their ability to realize their potential.

Fast forward-Its twenty years down the line and now little Tom and Terry are all grown up,sitting in a conference room where they both work as marketing managers having graduated at the top of their classes in college.The CEO is pacing back and forth saying , “okay gang,what we need now,if we want to save this company,are some really good ideas.” As their bosses words trail off,Tom and Terry are jolted back in time to that day at the Eagle dinner. All they can hear is their mother’s voice telling not to get any ideas. The conflict that this is causing has blocked their creative abilities. The contribution they may have made has been stifled by a poor choice of phrasing some twenty years ago.

I know this sounds a bit extreme but if you stop and think about it, this happens all the time. We are constantly been conditioned by the messages we hear,especially in our formative years. We use phrases like “Don’t get smart” and then wonder why children are doing poorly in school. See the connection. Whatever is repeated over and ovef ,will be absorbed into the subconscious mind of that person listening,in this case,our children. Mc Donalds,Nestle Foods,Unilever knows this as does every other successful advertiser.

The words you choose and the phrases you use repeatedly will have a lasting impact on your children. Why not choose today,words that will make them realize their potential as unique,creative,bright,witty,powerful,and successful human beings.

Imagine what will happen if you made a habit of using positive ,empowering,self-esteem building messages everyday. Imagine what your children could become!

Will you decide right now to create some positive messages you can implant in the young minds of your children. Make a daily habit of using positive messages when speaking to your children.

For example,you might say, “You know Jay,everyday you are getting better and better in every way.” (This is a take off on a phrase from Claude Bristol’s classic self help book,The Magic of Believing).

We can all work together to raise our self-esteem and that of everyone we encounter. It is possible to create a win-win world. There’s no best time than now.