On…Becoming God’s original intent

Life is a process and for we to get through to becoming all that the master has destined us to become,we must be ready to go through this process. This process often times is always unpalatable and we, sometimes wish we did not have to go through it at all.

For any raw material to become a finished product,it has to go through stages. It is by going through this process,that the material turns out to be impressive and healthy to eat as the case maybe. How can you tell your success story to the world if you have not had some rough times along side? I mean, no successful person can tell you he/she just happened overnight. They must have face the hardest hit of life before they finally become the success story people are talking about now. The List is endless from Bill Gates etc.

If you are going through some painful stuffs right now, Be confident that God who sees,knows and more importantly,who permits will definitely bring you out like a refined gold.

Going through pain is a way for God to show us that we need Him to actually make it in life. When you have to compare your pain to that of your next neighbour,you will certainly be thankful of yours because no two processes are the same. God brings challenges our way inorder for us to become stronger,dependent on Him,and bolder to take on any mud that may be thrown at us.You must be ready to go through pain if you really want to get that power. For in the pain,lies the power you need for your next level. Pain is not sweet and if one is not patient enough, one could give up too soon.

Have you ever asked God on why He had to allow you go through the hard times you are in especially from those you truly love and depend upon? If you haven’t, its that time,you seek his face and I am so confident that He will give you an answer in His word. You can find time to meditate on these(Rom.8:28-39,Isa.26:3-12). There are still lots of God’s promises for you in whatever situation you may be going through.

Whatever you might have gone through or may be going through is a test of your character in the school of perseverance. And when you fail this test, you may never really get to the original place God destined for you. So,you must make up your mind today to ask God for the strength and will power to go through the sufferings because you know its all part of His game plan in His Manual for Man’s purpose here on earth. Its a guarantee that this test must come,and you must be ready to face it seeing the hand of God through it and not blaming people or circumstances. If He permits it,it is because He wants to achieve something tangible through it.

So today,choose to focus on your maker and appreciate Him for every challenges because you are certain He knows more better than you do. Do not be angry at those hurting you or screwing you up,they are doing it because God needed to use them to accomplish His purpose in your life.

You need to be schooled well enough in order for you to become all that God purposed for your life. This is what I call the school of life where life’s lessons are meant to make us,shape us,and prepare us for what’s to come in God’s offing.

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