What’s defining you

When you look around,what do you see? When you expect to receive a big package from that person in your life and you are given less,How do you feel or how do you receive that package? Do you feel a bit of resentment or disappointment towards that person (I know for certain that these feelings are normal) or do you see a ‘bigger you’ beyond the package and look ahead for better things to come? Your reaction towards life’s offers goes a huge way to determine your next dimension. Its high time you begin to think about ‘what is really driving you’ and let go of sentiments. If you are so sure you know your worth or value,then you don’t get to allow other people define it for you. When you are being disappointed,is it about hating yourself for giving in at the first instance,or is it about looking at life with a smile and telling yourself that ‘I am more than this; I do not care,God’s promise over my life is worth more than what life or anyone can offer me.’

Perception is very critical here. For if you are that person who just sulks at everything and see hatred or dislike in whatever people do to you,then you may find yourself locked up in a psychological and emotional prison which can deter you from actualising becoming all that God has for you.

You must learn to see anything you do not have control over as God’s best wishes for you.

Wait a minute, if life didn’t really give you what you demanded from it,are you going to jump into the lagoon,or be critical at God? Or are you going to face life squarely and see yourself aiming for life’s purpose than mere materialisms.

Never allow yourself to be driven by material things like a brand new G-Wagon, a palatial mansion in an high-brow area,or vacations to exotic places in the world. Your definition of life should be more than that. God expects you to be driven by the need to fulfil His mandate here on earth rather than to be driven by wants and desires(which never satisfies anyway). It is only in fulfilling purpose that you can really be satisfied. Nothing else beats that. If you are constantly been disappointed by the people in your life,it is because you have raised too much hope and expectations in them and God would never allow them to meet up to those expectations of yours because it is never in their power to do so,rather it is in the power of the one who created you,God.

Look around once again and see what you have in your life, How do you feel afterwards. Happy and contented,or sad and ungrateful.

Before God,everything counts. The small car you are driving,the mini apartment your family is living, the poor school your children are attending,or perhaps the low-level earnings your partner is receiving from his business or job. Whatever the case maybe,God is moved by how you perceive these things in your life. Do you see them as temporary and therefore,not going to define you or what you will become in life?Or you see them as the reward of your past mistakes or that of your parents.

Remember,if God brings anything your way,it is because He wants to know how you perceive them. Seeing yourself or seeing Him. What is really driving your life? Do a check.

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