The Time to begin is now

What is that thing God has placed in your heart to do? whatever it is, you have got to understand the clock is ticking so fast and today is given to you to maximize for good use and not for gallivanting.When the help does not come, you have got to help yourself by believing in the one who created you,God. He has a plan for your life and that should sound encouraging.

Life may not be able to grant you your innermost desires and that is why you have got to walk away from your sulking and blame-gaming position and take full charge of your life. if you keep on waiting for the right time to pursue that dream of yours,it may never come. Besides who told you there is a right time to do things?

Be aware that the devil is never down with you being happy or fulfilled so he will do just anything to throw dust at your face inorder for you to be wandering instead of staying still in the place of meditation with God and seeking for answers or directions as the case may be.

The Time is now to begin again if you have made mistakes and full of regrets or too weighed down with the hurts and crushing disappointments from your loved ones. if they were meant to help you, they would have but now that your hope or trust in them is being dashed, what then do you do? God knows about it and He is trusting that you do not sit down while you throw pity parties around rather than for you to look inwards and believe that there is still hope.

Arise today and look past the misgivings of yesterday or even few hours ago. it can never change anything. you have got to make up your mind to make the change with every fiber in you. Procrastination is the thief of the soul and it keeps eating away every beautiful dreams or goals of yours if you do not control it.

Start now, the world is waiting for your manifestation. You owe God and yourself the fulfillment and nothing else. No one else can sort you out except you stand up and act.

You were not created to be a waiter at the table of life where you have to wait on people to receive their orders. How long will you have to wait if the people did not turn up or the orders aren’t made eventually? you cannot begin to lament about the turn of events rather, you will do well to attend to some other important matters that will help take away the thoughts of any disappointments you may have encountered. And that is how it is with life. If some of your expectations arent met, you do not need to wait for ever. Turn around and keep on walking ahead. The future is waiting for you to happen. The time to act is now!