When all else fail


oh yes!people may or will fail you as it often times happen and that is because they are mere mortals and God never attach a note on dependence on man along with you when you were on your way to mother earth. He instructed you and I in His word(Ps.37:3-7) to learn to trust in Him no matter the circumstances and look up to Him for whatever we need. so, why then the sudden hatred or resentment towards the person or people in your life when they fail to meet up as expected? I know these feelings are normal but does it solve the issue on ground?

when love fails, the promise of God over your life will never fail, when your spouse fail you times and over again, does that diminish God’s original intent over your life? No. God’s promise and intent is still very much intact. you must come to this realization and not allow the troubles of life throw you overboard.

When you turn to that one person that means the whole world to you and she got your heart broken leaving you in tears and pain, How do you handle it? when you call on your closest ally to ask for a help and she couldn’t offer any, what attitude do you put up, cry your eyes out or severe the relationship once and for all?  yes, you could decide on any but the truth is that you are the only one who can really decide to fix your expectations on God as inconsequential as it may seem and see man as tools in the hand of God. God is reaching out to you today to hold your hands as He walk the path of life with you. Trust me, He is absolute and in control so you do not have to worry if you trust in Him for something and He turns you off. what maters is to see God above all other things; To remain at peace with yourself and those in your life even though they have always failed you.

God is the all that you need when everything or anything fails. will you turn to Him today and focus once and for all. He is ever ready to take you up.