Don’t settle for less

Mistakes are part of life,and  God recognizes it anyway.He knows we are merely humans. However,when we make mistakes,He does not expect us to sit and mull, be bitter,and regretful but rather,to realise our mistakes,pick up from there and trust Him to help us in the journey ahead. Some people have allowed their mistakes or errors get the better part of them to the extent of chosing to settle for less than what God originally intends for their lives.
Moreover, are you aware God has a plan for your life even though He knows you are going to slip?The plan is still much intact.So, why will you decide to throw in the towel and feel nothing good or better  can happen to your life again.

God has given you choices to make in life and will you choose to allow your mistakes  rob you off what He originally planned for you. Even though you feel you are not with the right man for your life and have become regretful and bitter because of that,you can still make something out of it.Choose to be happy and believe on God to help you find fulfillment in life inspite of everything.

I have a friend Joanne who has been married for over 10 years. she complains bitterly about how she has no real joy with Jake her husband all these years. “Jake is no match for me.He is uneducated.Oftentimes acts irrational and i am begining to settle down for his offer. I  usually  feel it is a reward for being impatient with God. Not allowing Him choose the best man for me.” she went on. I asked her why she would allow such thoughts to overpower her sense of reasoning.she has a a choice on  how her life turns out.  “Joanne”, I continued, “Don’t think  God will come down and change the situation of things. You have  to make up your mind to make do with what is left and not settle for less of what Jake may be offering you. if you believe in your potentials, it is time you run with it and dont be locked up in the prison of your mistakes. if God allows it,then He is waiting to see if you will make the best use of what has happened or you will continue to sulk and blame yourself or the people in your life.”

It is high time you arise and take responsibility for your life and don’t settle for less. You are bigger than what life may  be throwing at you.Make that change you have always wanted. You have all it takes.