How are you dealing with your spouse

Ever been to the nation of Israel where lies the sea of Galilee which flows south by way of the Jordan river into the dead sea. The dead sea goes nowhere. it receives but it does not give out. what a sea!

Some people in our lives are like the dead sea. they receive many experiences, emotions, and thoughts throughout the day. they have a large reservoir where they store that information and they are perfectly happy not to talk. if you say to a dead sea personality “What’s wrong? why aren’t you talking tonight?” he will probably answer ,” Nothing is wrong. What makes you think something is wrong?” and that response is perfectly honest. He is content not to talk. He could drive from Chicago to Detroit and never say a word and be perfectly happy. The melancholies tends to be caught in this personality trait.

On the flip side, is the “babbling brook” For these set of individuals, anything that enters into the eye gate or the ear gate comes out of the mouth gate. whatever they see, hear, they tell. In fact if no one is at home to talk to, they will call someone else. if they can’t get someone to talk to, they can begin to talk to themselves, no reservoir. Many times, a dead sea marries a babbling brook. That happens because when they are dating, it is a very attractive match.

How do you really cope with these types of personalities after marriage? challenging you say. and that’s the bitter truth. Having to be hooked to someone who barely opens up even when under duress can be so frustrating or perhaps dealing with someone who can talk their life away. what a scenario! The good news is that Dead seas can learn to talk and babbling brooks can learn to listen. We are influenced by our personality but not controlled by it.

One good way to learn new pattern is to establish a daily sharing time in which each of you will talk about three things that happened to you that day and how you feel about them. When you both go with this flow, in no time you will found out that quality conversations begin to flow more freely between the both of you.

God has a way of complementing our flaws and he brings different people from different backgrounds to accomplish that .Instead of having to complain or lament about your spouse, you can chose today to find ways to make things work. There is no mistake in God, He is the perfect matchmaker.