How well do you know your children

Sometimes ago,I realized my first son was no longer the outgoing boy he used to be. Victor was a fun loving, Inquisitive and witty.Now,he has become withdrawn and seldom play around with his younger ones. I never asked him anything.To me, it was part of growing up. “He needed a space.” HbAs time went on,it dawned on me to lessen my frequent spanking on my children. I knew I was hard on them. Now i was beginning to see the effect on my son. Few days later,I called him to my room while he was about leaving for school to ask about his recent behaviour and he said,”Mummy you are always too hard on me and I am not happy about it.” I felt guilty and apologised while i promised to be gentle on him and his siblings henceforth. He giggled and left the room.

I decided it was time to make things right. I was not going to allow my children see me as a tyrant.Today,they have become happier and livelier. Victor is the chief among them.

If I had not reconsidered my actions towards my children, perhaps,they may end up becoming rebellious.

As parents,having open communication with our children is key. This will help us to know of any developments in their lives.Our intentions can be communicated in other ways rather than spanking. I am not saying sparing the rod is okay but oftentimes,releasing it makes them to be rebellious and withdrawn. No parent love to have such child around. They desire our love,attention and friendship.Spending quality time by watching their favorite channel together,going out for shopping,leisure,and sharing life experience creates an atmosphere of bond and trust. We get to know them better also.

Bear it in mind,someday they are going to leave you for good to start a life of theirs. What would your children remember you for when they relive on their early child memories? Think about it.

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  1. Wonderful Post~

    I would like to say giving birth is nothing extraordinary, mosquitoes give millions at a time, giving birth is a biological process… But becoming a parent is really something extraordinary…

    Happy to see you giving quality time and the best mother to kids… 🙂

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