Do the Right Thing

There are reasons we don’t want to do some things or help someone out. Really,if we are to base our judgements on that,we may be locking up our blessings. I oftentimes tell the people in my life to quit judging and you will find yourself being happy and at peace.

To God,doing the right thing matters.

I have a friend Kim, who oftentimes disagree on many things. Sometimes ago,we drove to church and while we were close to the traffic light, the Green light went off and the red light shown brightly.We were supposed to stop. Instead,My friend sped past the sign and in a minute some security guys rounded us up and took us to the station for interrogation. We broke the Traffic light offence. I was bitter and helpless. Kim looked at me with a remorseful eye and i ignored her. After all said and done,they were going to detain us.I turned to her and said,”Why did you have to break the traffic rules knowing it is a serious offence.Besides,I have warned you to always do the right thing no matter what it cost.It is not about who sees you or not but you have a conscience.” I concluded.Kim was downcasted.We pleaded for leniency but was disregarded.Two hours later they released us to go home and come back the next day for our car. We left for church on a local transport.How sad.

Believe me,it cost us nothing when we have to do the right thing. If we are to look at what others had done to us,we would never have anyone to keep as friends. If these people need our help,does it mean we should rebuff them? No! What God demands is to help if we are capable enough and forgive their mistakes. To Him,obeying His Instruction is key to unlocking blessings and favor.

Once you do the right thing,leave the rest for God to sort out.Allowing your emotions dictate the pace for you in situations and disregarding the voice of the Holy spirit more often that not put us up for trouble.

If you are going to make up your mind today to start over,I guarantee God will open you to a rewarding life.