You need the Push

“Push harder once more,”the midwife told Kelly. “You must not give up soon. Your life and that of your baby depends on it.” Kelly had been in the labour ward for over 8hours and she felt so tired. Now the baby is almost here,she must complete this task all by herself.

Walking the path of Destiny fulfilment could be so lonely. The people you believed in may not be able to walk with you as they have a journey ahead of them too. You have to be strong to actualise that dream/goal/purpose you earnestly crave for.Your blessings may not come if there is no push of life to go after it. God oftentimes brings challenges our way most especially from the people we look up to so we can become discomfited and therefore, realise we need to take action for our lives. You have stayed long enough in your comfort zone,the time to own up is now. Pain is not sweet but it is a necessary ingredient for our next level.Just like the baby in the womb getting ready to come to the world,he begins to experience a certain level of discomfort if his delivery is taking longer than usual. It is when you begin to feel the discomfort of life that it becomes expedient to take charge of your destiny and that equally means staying true to yourself. There is always a price to pay for success. Do not feel bad at all. From the push comes the courage to become.