Strong Enough to take it in

The challenges of life is meant to Shape and Strengthen you for what is to come next. It must not rob the plan of God over your life. You survived it because there’s an assignment ahead that needs your input. Let the tough times Prepare you and not destabilize you.

Life is not to be feared but understood

If you have difficult people around you, what do you do to them?You don’t try to limit the damage or hurts they may have caused. Work to make the bad situation good by helping them see what they are doing to themselves and the important people in their lives. Love sometimes has to be tough because it seeks what is best for everyone involved. Difficult people have problems that keep them from being the joyful ,fully-functioning person God designed them to be. You must care enough to confront- To redeem,not to destroy. Your future depends on it. Do the best you can to live life being fulfilled.

Everyone around you is acting out the Master’s script. Allow them to have a fair deal of it.Live for the future.