Take that little step

Have you been waiting to happen big before you feel fulfilled? Wait a minute let me tell you about a friend of mine in church.

Julie is a new girlfriend I met at a women’s programme some few months ago. She is one of the few talented choir in the Church and has a very sonorous voice.Julie has been watching Jayden her colleague in the ministry for sometime now do exploits all over town with her singing gift. Besides Jayden’s voice is no better match compared to Julie’s. Its now five years and Jayden as received six awards. Recently,she was nominated for the Africa’s best gospel singer of the year 2018. Jayden seldom stays at home. Its either she is on a Music tour or a Ministration at another church. She became a sought out for and this created envy amongst her colleagues. Oneday Julie approached me her face looking worried. “Liz, I just feel tired about the whole thing. Look at Jayden,we both started out together but she doesn’t even sight me any longer. I really do want to take my music gift places though but I don’t have the capacity and something tells me it isn’t the right time .” She reiterated. ” Life is waiting for you to happen. You may have to wait forever if it’s about looking for the right time. God is expecting you to act on that idea even though it seems a bit weird. You might never know the big break behind that little step of yours.” I responded.

And so,it is with everyone of us. Use what you have to get what you want. When the word of God says ” The gift of a man will make room for him.” You might be wondering how possible that would be with the turn of events happening in our society but that is the simple truth. Once you have a nudge about something,trust God to help you achieve it. Few days ago,my niece came around for a visit and handed me a flyer.Guess what! It was a gospel music concert convened by Julie. I was astonished. She did took the step after all. There’s is never a right time. The time to act is Now!

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