Give them the Push

I was listening to a programme on radio few days ago on the need for parents to see beyond now in parenting of their children. The presenter went ahead to explain that Not all the children one may have will become doctors or lawyers. Some may turn out as computer inventors,footballers, athletes and the likes.

I became enthusiastic and moved closer to the radio. Perhaps this topic could be an answer to my recent observations on my first son.

Fred is a smart,intelligent and witty boy. He will be 9 years old in few months time. Earlier this year, I noticed his sudden interest and passion for football to the extent that he gave himself a new name as Ronaldo. He has a close ally in school who shares the same passion and you could readily tell when you meet them or check their note pads.

Fred is so passionate to the extent that he can mention the names of football clubs and their players. He would explain in detail the football history of each player. It was a big deal when we had the FIFA 2018 World cup. My Son never missed any match. Because of his passion,his dad became a lover of football as he would always encourage him to sit and watch the matches especially when the World Cup was going on. I became so surprised and at the same time impressed at his wits.

Who knows maybe he would turn out to be the Mikel Obi,Pogba,or Ronaldo of his generation. So I decided to encourage him while at the same time remind him of the importance of facing his studies too. “You will need to balance the two.” I said while we were driving home from church two days ago.

If we are too occupied as parents with the activities of life,we may miss out on this important aspect of their development.God has deposited each gift sets in them to help in their destiny fulfilment and who could have been in a better position to fan these gifts to flame if not You. You are all they need to become. You are their guardian angel.

Your Push means so much to their destiny.

The lists is endless of notable world-changers who identified their talent and gift sets at a tender age.

Why don’t you give one of your children a chance to become God’s original intent for his life and not what you or the environment feels is better for them.

If your child struggles in class or termed as failure by his teachers,look within. He may be exceptional in other areas. Having him fail in his subjects does not term him as outright failure. Look for other areas he is skilled at and be there all the way to offer your support.

Quit been angry and bitter at him instead draw him closer and celebrate his uniqueness.

The world is waiting for Him to happen. Go ahead and give that push today.