So you want to feature in your Future,It begins with You.

If we are given a glimpse of our future what will be our attitude and response towards life afterwards? A beautiful and fulfilling future starts from our attitude.

Often times,we blame circumstances and loved ones for our predicaments. But have we sat down one day and take stock of how we have played our game in the field of life? Has it ever occurred to us that whatever the outcome of our life is as a result of how we managed people and situations.

I have come across people and I get disturbed at their approach and attitude towards a given situation. Really our temperaments needs to be (re)examined as the case may be. If we are expecting God to come down and make a change in our lives,we may keep on waiting for as long as we.can.Our attitude determines our altitude and the people we attract into our lives. If we are negative people,the same is played back to us. Wonder why we keep dealing with the same issues day in day out.Its time our emotions needs a check. Don’t get it twisted Your Attitude says it all.

Attitude is everything. You bet!