The Word is nigh Thee

Where was God when the earth was without form and void? Gen.1:1. He was the spirit hovering over .Gen.1:2.

Question: How then do we come to understand that God was the word that was being spoken? John 1:1. The word spoken is Spirit(cannot be seen) God at the same time was God and the spirit- Triune God: God the Father,The Son,and The Spirit(rep.the word)

Now we come to understand that everything come to being by the spoken word of God. If God did not speak at creation,There won’t be any tangible evidence of creation (Man,animals,plants,water, land,air/wind etc.) If He chooses to remain silent,then everything remains silent. It becomes rather imperative for us to speak into existence whatever we desire to have.

If you choose to remain dumb and pretend as if life is happening normal,you can as well know that nothing would ever change. From the beginning of the Bible to the ending,God was speaking and He still speaks till date.

Bottom line:You do not have to wait for anyone to prompt you. The word is spirit and dwells in Man.(ROM.8:2-3) and this same word is God,so we can likely say that God dwells in us and He needs us to call Him forth into any situation in our lives.

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