Stop Striving with God

The story is told of Paul in 2Cor.12:6-10 of how he wrestled with God to take away his present predicament. Thrice did he sought the face of God but was denied what he earnestly yearned for.

It is not difficult for God to take away the afflictions that trouble Paul but because He is sovereign and all-knowing,He is certain Paul would not be overcomed by the troubles but rather become stronger through it.(vs.9)

God is not pleased with us striving with him or give suggestions on how to handle the situations in our lives. It will be foolish of the clay pot to question the potter on why it is been shaped in such a manner. Likewise of it trying to withhold the hand of the Potter (designer) from achieving the goal of making a pot.

So also it will be unwise of us to wallay God anytime we trip on some ugly stuffs that life brings our way. To surrender to God is not to give up on life but continuing holding up.

The Bible text clearly shows us How God operates and what is expected of us as His Children.

As He said to Paul, ” I do not intend to take away this infirmity but rather to prove that in whatever situation you find yourself,my Grace is sufficient to see you through while my strength will be made perfect all the same. You have only got to loosen up from your anxieties and worries and learn to relax and trust in Me.”

How long will you continue to Strive with your Maker? Trust in Him to help you fight your battles. Relax and let God be in Charge.