Walking down Memory Lane

How does it feel when you picked up your phone to receive a call from an unknown number and to your amazement,it turns out to be your Mathematics tutor of over 20 years who decided to check up on you.Utter amazement isn’t it?

That was my feeling afterwards after I dropped the phone.I was so dazed and at the same time happy. One thing was certain:

Memories are there to stay.

I remembered Mr Howard while in my high school days,very firm yet accommodating and understanding.He would always make a tease anytime he comes around to teach or he is approached for something. Tall,dark with a broad shoulder, Mr Howard was a great tutor to have around though I struggled a bit with Mathematics yet I was able to sail through because of his calm and unassuming demeanour in communicating his teachings to his students.His class was always interesting.

I had some close pals then.I remembered how we often check up on him in the tutors room after close of school just to laugh and relive memories. I missed him greatly and I had been longing to get in touch with him since then.

Today is one of my happiest day and I can’t help but to relive on the memories we once shared years ago. It has left tears in my eyes and had made me to understand the value of relationships most especially positive ones. One thing was certain,I had a very awesome relationship with him and that gives a clue to how great I felt after receiving his call.

What lessons have this taught me?

Hmm! Worth pondering over.

A major one is about how we deal with the people in our lives. Whether we like it or not, Whatever seed we sow in their lives will germinate someday to yield fruit that is either healthy or poisonous. Our character will surely pass through test and the rewards surely waiting for us ahead.

What can you say about your character, Has it attracted good people into your lives or it has ejected them out? Remember, your life follows your character or attitude. Its time for you to effect change where necessary and be the person someone out there is yearning to talk to or meet even after donkey years.