Don’t lose your Joy

Our reactions to life’s overwhelming challenges go a long way to give a clue about how strong our beliefs and faith is.

If we faint not.Rom.8:18 is our consolation. ” For our light affliction is but for a moment and it is working in us a far more exceedingly weight of glory.

Troubles will always come.But does that mean God has left His Throne? He encourages us to be calm and never to loose our joy.

We should learn to keep the joy we have always had before the challenges or troubles came. Pretty uneasy isn’t it? But really its achievable. You only have to set your heart right and keep been positive. The people in our lives must be able to feel the joy when we are around them.

If you allow the devil to rob you of the joy ,then you may have succeeded in giving him full access to accomplish every bit of what he intends to do.

No matter what people do to you,accept it in good faith and trust God to be the judge.Don’t ever give the devil to suggest any idea to you.Let the Joy of the Lord continue to strengthen you.

Afterall,your happiness or fulfilment in life does not need to be approved by anyone. Keep your Joy and don’t lose it.

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