Once in a while,we are nudged by the spirit to act in some ways which may look rather odd or perhaps take some steps that are inconveniencing. But is it about our feelings or about what heaven demands of us.

At the end of the day,it is never about you but about God.

What demand has heaven made on you today?

For me,it has been a demand on charity. And you know, obligations like this seldom comes around so when it comes,one must utilize it. God knows better than we do and every seconds,He is ensuring that our lives align with what eternity wills for us.

I have been on charity mode from the first moment I drove to the bank for some banking activity till I left my office in the evening. I couldn’t understand why but I have a feeling that God has a reason behind it.

I reckoned afterwards that if God is sending me to reach out to people,It is because He knows I am capable at that moment. Besides,You cannot give what you don’t have.

Have you been nudged lately by the Holy Spirit to do something? Why not obey the inner voice of wisdom and act. Who knows,the miracle you are expecting could come after your obedience.

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