Your fulfillment in life is wrapped up in your gift

After all the disappointments and heartaches,have you ever thought of what you can do with the remaining part of your life or are you going to continue to wallow in self pity? When the word of God said “The gift of a Man maketh room for him. (Prov.18:16)It was clearly stating the obvious.

When every other thing you ever depended upon has failed you,your gifts will not.It is what will comfort you,give you peace, establish and satisfy your innermost longings.

Whatever man has to offer you cannot be compared to what eternity delivers into your hands. Your gift will cause you to sit with men that matters,bring you honour,fame,praise, and wealth. You do not have to go far or keep blaming people for where you have found yourself. If they cannot help you,you have got to help yourself.In fact God knows you were going to be disappointed severally especially by those you trusted or relied upon that was why He deposited the potentials you needed to fulfil destiny in life.

Look inwards,what is that thing that keeps you up till late;that thing you can do for free and yet feel fulfilled afterwards?

Be informed,whatever you are struggling with is not your own. Anything God gives brings peace,blessings,and fulfilment and not sorrow or distress.Quit looking out for what is not lost.Stop trying to be someone else,stop falling in love with someone else’s potentials,stop allowing yourself to be used by others,stop allowing people dictate how your life will turn out.Stop looking up to people for anything. Start looking up to God who lives in you. That is the more reason you must look inwards for the answers to the questions in your heart.

God said “Ask and it shall be given,seek and you shall find,knock and it shall be opened.(Math.7:7-8).

If you have been frustrated lately about the turn of events in your life,its time to begin to hear yourself. Your destiny is calling out for you. Your gift set is yearning to be utilized for God’s purpose and life’s fulfillment.

Remember,everything you need for life is wrapped up in your gift. Will you take time to find it out today? Its time for your manifestation,Its time for people you look up to to begin to look up to you. Its a matter of Choice,make that Choice today. Let your life count.

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