A lil’ bit of Respect will do.

Marriage is tough work and many already in the institution will attest to this truth. Nevertheless,taking time to appreciate ourselves goes a long way in building a healthy and positive relationship in the long run.

Some of the ladies in my life often explain the reasons why showing respect for their husband seems a little challenging to them and I ask one of them why. “I do not think my husband deserves my respect with the way he manages our relationship” She said.

Okay,the truth here is,no matter how you think your partner isn’t giving more than enough or behaving selfishly,you have got to remember at least one or some of the positive virtues he had exemplified sometimes ago. There’s no perfect being on earth and marriage is meant to complement our imperfections. We can never go wrong when we be the example of what we want to see in others. If your partner has failed in so many areas which has diminish the respect you once had for him,at least there would be a major area he had succeeded well and that to me,is the area you must choose to focus on. That should be your motivating or propelling force which makes all the difference at the long run.

For example,if he has not been at his best in giving you the attention you needed or unable to deliver on his promises as a great husband,you should waiver that and remember his determination/effort in providing for the family especially when the children are around- Their daily upkeep,school bills,health bills etc.

If at worse,he has been a total failure, please do kindly forgive him at least for God’s sake and show him that little respect he deserves especially as The Man over your life.

A lil’ bit of respect will do. The Man in your life deserves your respect. God values that and He expects us to follow His will for our Marriages.Give it a trial today and you will begin to see dramatic changes in your relationship.

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