Get comfortable with Uncomfortable

While you sit and mull at how events are playing out in your life,your friends are almost at the peak of the success ladder breaking barriers and limitations,conquering giants and exploring new territories and you begin to wonder how and why things are turning out well for them.

Have you asked yourself one critical question,and that is How can I become better and more successful in life like my friends? I do not mean to say you should become a Wannabe rather all am communicating to you is to find a point where you actually mean No to some lifestyles that are not moving you forward or perhaps some relationships that are keeping you stuck and frustrated.

If you are still in the game of envying the success of your friends,you may never move an inch in your life. Did you ever asked them how they made it there? Did you ever ask yourself why you haven’t made any move yet?

The answer lies in you and with you.

If you really want to make an impact in life,you have got to be deliberate about it. Choose to step out of the blame-gaming field of play and own up to your responsibility of becoming what Heaven wants for your life. If you are not going to act,then nothing will ever act out for you.It s a circle. What goes around comes around.

Life has never brought anyone’s ship to their doorstep,instead they summon the courage to bring it in for themselves. And that’s what makes the difference between a man who is determined to be successful and the man who is determined to always wait for the right time. Besides, who told you there is ever a right time. When you make up your mind to start anyhow,every other thing around you will begin to cooperate with you.

Quit being a mediocre,look out for the better you and make necessary improvements to make you such a person. All you ever need to be up there lies in your ability to disconnect yourself from the comfort zone you are locked up in and push yourself harder to the front line of what success has in its offing.