Your Faith makes all the difference

Sure! Some few weeks ago,I had been feeling rather uneasy with my self. I could sense that my strength was almost waning out. I had been nursing a severe chest pain which is now gradually taking a great toll on my productivity. Visited the clinic few times,checked and confirmed okay but the pain has refused to let me be. My BP was getting high at the same time and alas!The Doc told me am going to be put on BP monitoring medication. What! I yelled. “This can’t be happening to me. At what age?” I mumbled those words incoherently. Somehow,I summon the courage to take the prescription paper and quietly left the room in despair.

While driving,I could feel my heart beating faster than normal. I was troubled and was beginning to settle for the Doc’s report. Immediately in my mind, i went on a journey to the major events of my life that could have triggered this health challenge. “Oh! Maybe I worry too much,No! It could be as a result of the stress of Parenting and meeting deadliness in my career or perhaps not giving myself some quality rest periods.” I thought.There were no tangible answers coming readily to mind. I gave up and concluded it was my fate. This was a price I had to pay for allowing the pressures of life choose an entirely different life God never bargained for me.

You may not be able to control all the events that happen to you but you can decide not to be reduced by them. -Maya Angelou

And so, I began my medication,a particular one compulsory for the night. After few days, I decided I was going to put my profession of faith to work, to build my spiritual muscle with the word of God at any slightest opportunity.Not going to allow the devil lay hold of my salvation. Not going to give the kingdom of hell my life to manage. I belong to God and in Him alone my hope is found.

In Christ alone my hope is found. He is my light, my strength,my song…After all,how would I claim to be a child of God with the Holy spirit indwelling in me and yet allow any foreign body find an habitation. No! Miracles do happen.

And as Whitney Houston and Marian Carey once sang beautifully, “There can be Miracles when you believe,though hope is frail its hard to kill. Who knows what miracles you can achieve when you believe… Somehow you will…You will when you believe.”

I dropped the medications somewhere and promised not to check on it. I am going to have a good night rest without any medication.

Its over a week now and I have never been this happy and livelier with an unexplainable inner peace and it is obvious in my disposition. My productivity level has also greatly improved .

Today,I am here to tell you that, All things are possible to him who believes.

Your Thoughts also shape your world. Whatever you allow will stay and whatever you push out will remain out. Its time to begin again, believing on the word and applying it to the challenges life brings your way.

The mandate has been given to us (Gen.1:28) “Be fruitful,replenish,subdue and have Dominion…” We are born to rule and not to be ruled..