Happy or fulfilled

Really if you were to be asked this question,what would be your answer? With all that is happening in the world today,it is very clear that most people are out to make an impression and not an impact. Since I have come to the realisation of this truth,I decided I wasn’t going to be part of the rat race any longer but chose to run my own race and that is, the one God set before me. I made a conscious effort to disconnect myself from relationships that is bent on making me live a lie. I wanted to be real,to make an impact and I know I could only achieve it by following the path God had ordained and not what anyone wants for me.

Nothing else matters to me than seeing myself be the Change the world needs. I am not out to make money but to make an impact. And that is basically what God originally intends for each one of us and not what society or relationships suggest. It is not about making money and proving a point but about purpose .

Nothing beats a longing soul than the achievement of a desired goal.

~ Omobola Stephen

And if truly you have a desired goal in mind, does it really worth the effort at all if you are to be real with yourself? Is your life-long pursuit about your happiness or fulfilment?

Though we are work-in-progress but knowing where to navigate when the tides turn matters. Choosing to be happy and contented with where you are may not necessarily be okay,but striving for what brings you fulfilment should be a continuous effort. You must not quit.

Not all your efforts or sacrifices could result in fulfilment.It takes a whole amount of energy and resilience to attain. It is not to be quantified with any other. Fulfilment can only be found in God which equally means in whatever He has chosen for you and not until that happens,you must never surrender to just being happy and contented alone.