He is right in with you

Psalm: 139. 2. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off.

A story was told of a young married lady named Jayden who was shown a 3D picture of the house her husband intends to build for the family. It was a beautiful edifice.Seeing the architectural design,she was lost for words.Though she had always longed for a day like this but didn’t know how her dream would someday become a reality. She kept on staring at the picture in utter amazement.Jayden recollected days when she would stand at the window in her room admiring a mansion opposite their building. One time,she had climbed the fence in her compound to get the whole picture of the house. She looked up to Heaven and said a beautiful prayer. “God I wish you do something like this for me too. I long to live like a home owner seeing my kids run around the compound with our fleet of cars and having family and loved ones come around for a wonderful time at the pool side.” While on the bed later in the day,jayden took a sojourn walk into the labyrinthine maze of the past. Her marriage to Thomas has been full of ups and downs. With five children,parenting couldn’t be less easier. So many times,she would throw in the towel. Thomas was too insensitive to her feelings and she had become frustrated and sad. What more can a marriage to him offer with all the emotional and psychological trauma been played out almost everyday in her home. There were days of pains and nights of tears. “But how could God leave me to go through this?” She would lament. Twelve years down the line,and life as been so tough. But today,the table had turned. All her tears had been replaced with inexplicable joy. Her husband was no longer going to be working extra hard to pay the house rent. Really,everything was beginning to make sense afterall. The challenges she had to face was as a result of the beautiful future ahead. Indeed there cant be a glory without a story. God has been part of the whole journey till date. He is not interested in the present circumstances because He knew the future is more important than it. So He is looking forward to a beautiful future for you according to His plan.

Just like the case of Joseph,God was right in with him in the pit. Though not palatable but It was a route he had to take onwards his destiny fulfilment. Same God was there in the palace when he had to go through trials and temptations, In the prison,he was forgotten by a friend he relied upon, The butler but God was right in with Him. He has never left for once.

Remember,no matter how dark the clouds may seem,there is always a silver lining across. More importantly God is always there even when everything looks grey. He is the hope of our future.

Be assured today,no one has ever been so in touch with the issues of your life than your maker. He is with you all the way. Go ahead and keep your faith and hope alive.