Focus on what you do best

I believe everyone is blessed with unique talents and skills. An important part of life is discovering what these are. Do you know what you are brilliant at doing? Yes, I said brilliant. That’s a word most people shy away from. Look at this this way. What do you do with ease that other people find difficult? What energizes and stimulates you? When does time fly for you? What are your natural talents?

If you are considering a change of work or career,check outside of your current resume. Do you have any hobbies,dreams,pastimes,or talents that may be seeds for a new vocation. Too often we turn blind eye to things that comes easy to us; we think we always need to be working hard at something. Maybe you are an exceptional organizer o era d above the multi tasking skills virtually all women need to acquire . Perhaps you are whiz on the computer, or you have a great eye for color and design. May be you are terrific with people,or good at delivering presentations. Your natural talents energizes you. When you do what you love, not only will you feel great joy and accomplishment,your energy will flow freely. Doing what you enjoy most is a crucial part of tracking your sources of energy and restoration. This is searching the truth of who you are. If you haven’t already done so,make a list of your various skills and give each a score between one and ten. The highest numbers are what you do exceptionally well. If you are unsure,get feedback from your closest friends and co-workers. Sometimes they can see your talents better than you can. Ask yourself,how much of your time is invested in doing what you do best. At work, are your best talents being utilized,or do you spend most of your day using lesser competencies.

Start focusing more of your time on what you do best,especially in your work. You will be more energized and create more opportunities for yourself by constantly honing your natural skills.