Pause for a while

Genesis. 1:2-end. Here was a thinking God. But really He could decide on creation without the slightest consideration of any thought afterall,He is Unquestionable.

Everything we need to survive life’s overwhelming challenges lies within us but we may not be able to achieve more if we take decisions in a rash manner.

Watch this! Between the fast and swift hare and the slow but steady tortoise,who would have thought the winner to be the tortoise? What qualification does it has that could match up with the Hare? Absolutely nothing. But do you know that because of the calm and calculated nature of the tortoise,he won the race.

Have you heard the saying, If you fail to plan,you plan to fail? True! God is our perfect example.If He wanted to have all creation in existence at once,He could have but it is not about taking a decision because it is imperative but about thinking things through in order to avoid regrets. God paused to see the outcome of what He was doing and actually confirmed it was good before He embarked on the next. How many of us has actually paused a bit when we are faced with a pressing issue? Oftentimes,we are quick to judge people,quick to address the situation in our favor or disfavor. The truth is,we really want to get things done and move on to the next.When the error or mistake button shows up,we begin to fidget looking for who to pass the blame on.

A clear picture is also in Gen.1:26.God said “Let us make man in our own image and after our likeness…” Why did God have to consult the trinity before creating man? Before He actually spoke the word,There was room for (re)consideration. Thereafter said, “Let us”. He did not have to do it by Himself or hit the command button immediately.

A times,pausing awhile before taking any decision saves us from disappointments and hurts.when we model on is attitude, we are actually telling those around us that we are christ-like; Patient,thorough,self-controlled,and wise

Many people have committed regrettable mistakes because they never believed in the law of Thinking before acting. To them,once it is good the next thing is to go after it.

The saying Look before you leap is actually true and applicable to all of our daily decision making. There’s nothing like Act before you think,that’s an error. If something is worth doing,then it is worth doing well.