Be fearless… Achieve!

I grumbled that I had no shoes not until I met a man without a feet.

Hmm! Introspective.

Few days ago,I had a really amazing dream. You know what! I had a personal encounter and discussion with God. Sound Incredible but its so true. He actually asked me What are you doing with the Glory I gave you? Really!! I was dazed. “Is this what God should be asking me about” I thought to myself. “Can’t He be bothered about the struggles of my life,I mean I am going through some face-offs with my psychological well-being and I believe God is much aware but why can’t He bring up the issue and trash it for me ? Instead,He is talking about Glory. No problem right.

” Okay dear God, I will not waste this precious moment,I am going ahead to fulfil my purpose to the latter;the glory given to me will not be buried under the pillow.” I replied. He smiled and that was it.

Still in introspect,I am beginning to understand the mystery behind God’s ways. Actually,He is aware of all the shits that’s happening to you and I. He expected it because it was all part of His game plan. But He is not expecting us to be carried away with these shits or troubles that we totally forget His purpose and plan for our lives.

Most of us have allowed the pains of our yesterday to undermine the purpose why we are still here on planet earth. There’s nothing holding God back from taking you out of the scene if you aren’t performing well on the stage but you know,He’s so mindful of His plan and purpose for you and I and would be happy seeing that we are utilising every single glory He has given to us.

“So all these while,I have been toying around?” I concluded. Time is too short and everything is happening so fast. We cannot afford to wait any second. Whatever He has called you to do,please kindly go ahead and accomplish it. Do not allow the pressures of your marriage,relationships,career,or other engagements to keep you off track. Your life’s purpose is far greater than anything the world can ever give you. Besides,the Glory you carry is even bigger than you so you need to turn to God to help you navigate through the tides of this challenging life and be able to use what He gave you to bless humanity on this side of eternity.

Romans: 8.19. For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. Oh! That’s very true, so many people are dependent on the glory you carry. Many of your life’s troubles will go by themselves when you are actually walking in Purpose. God is not moved by what you and I are moved about. He has a plan for your life before you met the people who are in your life right now. So whatever they do or do not do doesn’t affect this plan in anyway. It is clear to me now that the reason why most of us are stuck in life,frustrated and pressing the blame buttons at any instance is because we have (un)deliberately chosen to believe that our life is dependent on those who matter to us and living in our lives. Really,you do not hold anyone explanation of how your life turn out to be except your creator. How awful would it be if you are shown the picture of the energy you carry and how you allowed the worries of this world to eat you all up.

Each one of us has got the potential to be great in life. No one is created accidentally though we need people in our lives sometimes but it shouldn’t be a mask we have to wear and be bound by it. In fact,the reason why you are still here is because you haven’t fulfil purpose enough for God to call you up. You have not even scratched the surface yet. Stop living your life carelessly. It is good to celebrate the successes of others,but don’t you think you are a success too? Don’t you believe in yourself even if no one does?

Today is another opportunity to begin again. Time is running fast. You have today,so make it count. Let God give you the applaud.

Few excerpt from my book Dreams die hard.

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